Types of Tablet Cases – Popular Styles of Tablet Cases and Covers (2024)

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Types of Tablet Cases – Popular Styles of Tablet Cases and Covers (1)

Bhushan Lele

Tablet Cases

Mar 11, 2020

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You’ve gone and bought a new tablet(s), and now you’re wondering how and if you need to protect these new pieces of expensive technology, and you’ve landed here, thanks! This guide will try and inform you, from experience, which are popular styles of tablet cases and covers. Cases and covers that can add to the experience, productivity, and be an extension of your personal or corporate brand. Choosing a case or cover is important and and a number of things should be taken into account. Firstly we recommend thinking about how you’re going to use the tablets, whether they’re in a home situation in your living room for example, or whether they’re to be used for business, and will be carried around and moved on a daily basis. Another consideration here is how and what they are going to be used for. If they’re going to be used for casual browsing in a home environment, then there will be different functionality requirements than if for example they’re going to be used for sales reps on the road all the time presenting to customers. And again differently than if they’re going to be used for someone for productivity and lots of typing.

Here we list the most popular styles of tablet cases and covers available on the market, for most tablets.

Hard Tablet Cases

As their name suggests, hard tablet cases are a hard case. Typically they are made from a hard polycarbonate plastic, from 1-3mm thick, and they are molded to the exact shape of the device, allowing easy access to all ports and buttons. They are a great way to protect the tablet without adding bulk or weight to the device.


Lightweight and protective of the back and sides, allowing easy access to all buttons and ports.


Given that they are not the most popular case style, only very popular tablet versions have hard cases available. They are also not helpful in providing any functionality features, and they do not protect the screen of the tablet

Gel Tablet Cases

Gel Tablet cases are exactly like the hard cases for tablets. They are thin and form fitting, keeping the original form factor of the tablet. Great for bump and scratch protection mainly.


Slim, light and form fitting, they protect from bumps and scratches, a little bit more so than hard cases


They don’t add functionality to the device, such as stands, and they don’t cover the front of the tablet.

Leather and Folio Tablet Cases

Some of the names used to denote tablet cases in styles that are the most popular with tablets. These cases are typically front and back covers, protecting the front and back of the devices. They are usually quite light, made from a durable material such as a PU/vegan leather, or real leather, and come in a range of colors. The leather/folio style case is one that has a number of features, which apart from protection, are full and easy access to all ports and buttons, and viewing and typing stands. The viewing and typing stands are probably the most sought after features, as this allows multiple different uses of the tablet, from media consumption (viewing stand) to productivity (typing stand) for business use. As this type of style is the most popular style for tablets, these are usually available for most tablet versions. However it is worth researching at the same time as your tablet, because you don’t want to buy a tablet only to realize that there isn’t a case available for it in the style that you want.


Covers and protects the whole device, durable materials usually, quite light and easy to use, and multiple features and functionalities


Some of them can be a bit bulky, and some available as ‘universal’ cases don’t have proper openings for cameras and/or buttons/ports. Check before you buy that there is a case available

Tough Tablet Cases

Again, similar to the hard and gel cases, these are limited to the very popular tablet versions, so if you want one of these style of cases, it’s worth finding one before you purchase your tablets, so you’re not left with a table without a case that fits your usage.

Tough is a subjective word, in that most cases are tough to an extent. Tough tablet cases when spoken of in this light, are usually tablet cases that protect a bit more than usual, usually the corners, and whole device. They can come in a range of form factors and colors


Very protective


Can be heavy, can be unattractive to look at

Children’s Shockproof Tablet Cases

Usually made from EVA, which is essentially a lightweight rubber feeling foam that is very protective. These shockproof tablet cases are popular in early school/educational settings as they are very protective. They usually have a handle or two so they can be easily held by small children’s hands, and they can be easily cleaned. They come in a range of colors, making them a fun case as well.


Very protective, lightweight, easy to hold, fun to use.


They don’t protect the screen, so it’s worth looking for tempered glass screen protectors to use in conjunction to protect the screen.

Keyboard Tablet Cases

Looking to use your tablet as productively as possible? Typing really quickly on the screen of a tablet can be seriously difficult. If you’re going to be using the tablet for writing a lot, a keyboard case can be a great addition to it, without having to go all out for a big laptop. They are available for most popular tablet versions, and usually are in a black, they’re pretty easy to set up and use, and the keyboard battery lasts for a long time.


They can turn your difficult tablet typing experience into a pleasurable one. They protect the whole tablet, front and back, and are quite slim when packed up so maintaining portability of the device.


They do add bulk and weight to the device, so can take away from the light and slim form factor of the device. We’d recommend getting a keyboard case only if you’re sure you’ll be using it a lot for typing. Otherwise a good option is to get a regular slim case and a separate full-size bluetooth keyboard that you can use when you need a keyboard for typing, which will further improve productivity and words per minute.

Tablet Skins

Skins are an effective way to protect tablets from scratches, but mainly to cost-effectively add a customization or personalization to the device. Made from a durable vinyl material, they come in matte and gloss finishes, and can be fully customized quite cost-effectively.


Lightweight, cheap and easy to customize


They don’t protect the device from more than light scratches

Tablet Sleeves

Sleeves are another option to protect the device. Sleeves are a great way to protect devices when in transit, as the device cannot be used while in the sleeve. They usually come in neoprene or real or faux/vegan leather, in a range of colors and styles. They are usually quite light, stylish and good looking.


Protects the whole device, looks great, gives protection while in transit but allows the device to be easily removed and used in its original form


They don’t protect the device when it is being used, as it must be taken off to allow the tablet to function.

So, above is a brief outline of the most popular tablet cases and covers available for most popular tablet versions. One thing to keep in mind, is that if you already have a tablet case or cover style in mind, do some research before you buy your tablets, just to make sure the style/color etc is available for your tablet.

At CustomLogoCases, we make custom tablet cases and covers for all popular tablets. We customize them with logo printing and embossing, make them in different materials, different finishes, and many different styles. If you’ve got any questions on different styles of tablet cases or covers, or you’d like to investigate custom branded tablet covers, get in touch with us and we can give you our advice, send you some samples, quickly and obligation free.

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Types of Tablet Cases – Popular Styles of Tablet Cases and Covers (2)

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Types of Tablet Cases – Popular Styles of Tablet Cases and Covers (2024)


Types of Tablet Cases – Popular Styles of Tablet Cases and Covers? ›

A tablet case must be durable to prevent scratches, dents, and further breakage. A good case will have durable features to make it long-lasting. For example, tablet cases should have a rubber bumper around all edges, extra cushioning on the corners, and be made of shock absorption materials.

How to choose a tablet case? ›

A tablet case must be durable to prevent scratches, dents, and further breakage. A good case will have durable features to make it long-lasting. For example, tablet cases should have a rubber bumper around all edges, extra cushioning on the corners, and be made of shock absorption materials.

What's the difference between a tablet case and a Folio case? ›

a folio case basically covers the back of the iPad air too. so the folio is like a normal iPad air case with a keyboard. However, a cover case doesn't protect the back. Other than that, same features.

What can I use as a tablet case? ›

Use hard back book cover, make sure the size of the book matches the size of the tablet. Detach pages from book cover. Glue fabric to front and inside of the cover. Lastly Glue 1 inch triangles to right side interior corners to hold tablet to cover.

What is the most common tablet screen size? ›

Tablet Screen Resolution Stats Worldwide

The most common tablet screen resolution 2023 is 768×1024, with a market share of 24.92%. This is followed by 810×1080 with 10.22% and 1280×800 with 6.73%. It is important to note that these are just the most common tablet screen resolutions.

What is a folio type? ›

Type Folio is a slim keyboard for comfortable, focused typing on reMarkable 2. It expands the note-taking functionality of your paper tablet, transforming reMarkable 2 into a portable workspace where you can take handwritten and typed notes, and stay focused for longer.

What is Folio tablet case? ›

The folio case features a horizontal fold so that the case may be opened/closed like an old-fashioned book or notebook. Most of our folio tablet cases also include an integrated stand for hands-free display and video viewing.

What are common tablet sizes? ›

The most common tablet sizes include 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch, and 13-inch. The tablet's screen size is one of the main factors determining whether it will suit your work requirements. Knowing how tablet sizes are measured can help you make the right pick.

How do I choose case size? ›

Wrist Size
  1. 6 inch wrist - Considered small. Small to medium diameter cases around 34mm - 38mm.
  2. 7 inch to 7.5 wrist - Considered average. 39mm, 40mm, and 42mm range will fit best.
  3. 8 inch and larger - Considered Large. Cases between 44-46mm, or even 47mm, will give the wearer a more proportional look.
Sep 8, 2020

How many types of tablet size are there? ›

Starting from 7 inches, the size of tablets can go up to 12 inch ones. Based on how technology has advanced over the years, there is a tablet for everybody's requirement. Bigger than your regular smartphone, but smaller than a desktop. Tablets have come a long way about how it operates and entertains.

How can I protect my tablet without a case? ›

If you prefer to use your tablet without a case, place your tablet in a protective sleeve when not using it. Store your tablet in a locked drawer or cabinet when not in use to prevent theft or unauthorized access. Not all damage is physically related. Damage can be caused electronically as well.

Can a tablet replace a notebook? ›

The most complete and modern tablets are now so powerful that, in many cases, they can easily perform the same tasks as a traditional computer. EL PAÍS tested three options with different operating systems to put this to the test. Can I replace my old computer with a tablet? This is a question that comes up quite often ...

Is polycarbonate or silicone phone case better? ›

Plastic or polycarbonate is known for its durability, affordability, and lightweight properties. Silicone or gel is flexible and offers good shock absorption. Leather is often favored for its sophisticated and luxurious feel. Metal provides a sleek and stylish look.

Is it necessary to have a tablet case? ›

With a tablet cover, you can keep your tablet like new and protect it against fall and impact damage. Do you often use your tablet for work or school? You can type emails fast with a keyboard cover. A book case allows you to watch movies comfortably on your tablet.

How do I choose the right iPad case? ›

Look for ones with reinforced corners and shock-absorbing features. For users who want protection without adding bulk, sleek hard plastic cases provide a sleek and slim profile. They shield your iPad from scratches and minor impacts without sacrificing aesthetics.

Is silicone or hard plastic phone case better? ›

Plastic cases are durable, offer extensive design options, and maintain their appearance over time. On the other hand, silicone cases excel in shock absorption and grip, providing enhanced protection and a comfortable hold.

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