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Add-ons - 12/02/24

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Formidable Forms Pro 6.8.2 NULLED

  • Hier à 11:22

= 6.8.2 =
* Fix: The process of connecting an account to would fail in some web browsers.

Formidable Forms Pro 6.8 NULLED

  • 31 Jan 2024

= 6.8 =
* Security: Nonce validation was missing when saving changes on the form settings page.
* New: A new dashboard landing page has been added with a list of recent entries, access to your inbox, and a payment summary, all in one place.
* New: New fields will no longer appear on the front end until the form builder is saved. This way a form can be used without partial incomplete changes while a form is being worked on.
* New: An HSL color value can now be used in the visual styler. Previously these values would be prepended by # and PHP warnings would cause styles to break.
* New: Stripe subscriptions will now cancel at period end by default instead of cancelling immediately. This can be reverted to the previous behaviour using add_filter( 'frm_stripe_cancel_subscription_at_period_end', '__return_false' );.
* New: Summary emails will no longer send by default on multisite for sites that are not the main site.
* New: Summary emails can now be disabled from your profile on your Formidable Forms account for Pro users.
* Fix: On some sites, while using Google Chrome, some style card menu options would be missing. This includes the option to Delete a style or to Set a style as default.
* Fix: Long forms loaded with AJAX were loading in smaller batches than intended, usually pulling only a few fields at a time. This has been restored to the intended batch size of 15 fields at a time.
* Fix: A styling issue in some search search inputs has been fixed.
* Fix: The view payment page was appearing blank, and table column options were missing when editing a table view.
* Fix: An error message wouldn't properly appear when using a 3D secure card and failing the payment.
* Fix: A subscription with a failed payment would incorrectly redirect like a confirmed payment.
* Fix: The toggle to disable form styling would still appear active when disabled through the Manage Styling global setting.
* Fix: Encoded characters would appear in plain text summary emails.
* List tag types include ul, ol, and li are now allowed in form input HTML by default.
* Form input HTML will no longer be filtered to strip most HTML on display if the entry was created by or edited by a privileged user.
* Summary emails are no longer sent when there are no new entries.

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natis41380 et rootexe

Formidable Forms Pro v6.7.1

  • 8 Jan 2024

Download Formidable Forms Pro v6.7.1 - WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free
Formidable Forms v6.7.1 - JANUARY 3, 2024

  • New: [frm-graph] shortcodes now support a title_italic=1 option.
  • New: The setting for displaying a look up or dynamic field as a dropdown has been renamed to improve compatibility with security tools that block the word "select" in POST data.
  • New: Formidable branding has been removed on the import page when white labelling is enabled.
  • New: "like" and "not like" conditions used in conditional logic have been renamed to "contains" and "does not contain".
  • Fix: Edited entries would perform look ups and change the value of some fields watching the look ups when there were already values set.
  • Fix: A conditionally disabled submit button would switch to enabled after a look up was completed, or a file was uploaded. Now it will only switch to enabled when all conditions are fulfilled.
  • Fix: Dynamic defaults values like [post_title] and [get] shortcodes were not always getting set back to their default values after clicking the start over button.
  • Fix: A fatal error would occur when using a [frm-graph] shortcode when using group_by and include_zero options together.
  • Fix: A styling issue has been fixed for rootline elements on RTL layouts.
  • Fix: [if created_at] conditional statements with conditions like greater_than="-10 minutes" would not work using the expected timezone. This has been updated to work with condition values like "-10 minutes" and "-30 seconds".
  • Fix: A third parameter is now included when calling the frm_after_create_entry action for a draft entry. Without this parameter, there were issues with possible conflicts with other code that relies on this hook, including code in older versions of the Zoho Flow plugin.
  • Fix: New repeater entries were not getting added when updating an entry because of an issue introduced in last release.
  • Fix: "like" conditions were failing to work when comparing a numeric value to an unexpected non-numeric string like "_123".
  • Fix: A passing null to parameter #3 deprecated message when calling str_replace has been fixed when processing shortcodes.
  • Fix: Some warnings would get logged when deactivating Pro.
  • Fix: A passing null to parameter #1 deprecated message when calling stripos has been fixed when processing shortcodes.
  • Fix: When importing CSV data for a multiselect dynamic dropdown, only a single entry record would get imported successfully.
  • Fix: Only a single multiselect lookup option would be selected when editing an entry after the lookup happens on page load.
  • Fix: Calculations with repeaters would sometimes include values from incorrect fields with similar field keys.
  • Fix: Clicking on a single file upload field with an uploaded file will no longer load the prompt to upload another file.

Formidable Forms Pro v6.7

  • 15 Déc 2023

Download Formidable Forms Pro v6.7 - WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free
= v6.7 =

* New: The new form modal pop up has been replaced with a new form templates page. Now form templates can be flagged as favourite.
* New: The option to send monthly and yearly summary emails with form and payment stats has been added to global settings.
* New: Error handling has been improved when trying to edit a form in trash or a form that does not exist.
* New: The query for getting entry count has been optimized, significantly reducing the time it takes to count entries.
* New: Default submit button HTML has been updated for new forms. Forms with the previous HTML would trigger the Previous button when the Enter key was pressed. Forms with the new layout have corrected this and will trigger the Next button instead when the Enter key is pressed.
* New: Dropdown fields will now pass a different type value in POST requests to avoid conflicts with security tools that block requests containing the word "select".
* Fix: Zebra stripe styling on the View Entry page would sometimes repeat the same background color when hidden empty rows were hidden.
* Fix: The default maximum value of 5 used for row count in a Paragraph field would carry to other field type settings after changing field type, acting as a 5 character limit. This is now cleared when changing field types from Paragraph to another field.
* Fix: A styling issue has been fixed that was causing the WordPress sidebar to overlap on top of admin page content when using specific user preferences.
* Fix: The form search was broken on some databases when comparing a datetime value to a non-date value.
* Fix: The pirate forms importer style has been updated to look better.
* Fix: A fatal error on the welcome page has been fixed.

Formidable Forms Pro v6.6 NULLED

  • 3 Déc 2023

Formidable Forms v6.6​


  • New: Screen reader text has been added to header logos for improved accessibility on admin pages.
  • New: Some margins have been removed from file upload fields that were causing styling issues.
  • New: Checkbox groups will no longer use an aria-required attribute on the group element. This was causing accessibility errors in axe DevTools and Google PageSpeed.
  • New: Email fields now have a new autocomplete setting to make it easier to add autocomplete="email" to an email field.
  • New: The reports page now includes a status dropdown for filtering entries by status.
  • New: The dropzone button now includes a label for improved accessibility.
  • New: Date field colors can now be styled for every style. Previously this was limited to the default style only.
  • New: A repeater with no rows will reset to a single row when the start over button is clicked.
  • New: You can now search for values for embedded and repeated fields when searching from the entries list admin page.
  • Fix: [formidable] shortcodes would not process in HTML field descriptions, and shortcodes in HTML field custom HTML were not processing as expected.
  • Fix: A JavaScript error would get logged after submitting forms with dynamic fields when only a success message is shown on success.
  • Fix: Look ups were not working when watching a Name field.
  • Fix: Star rating fields were not appearing in Safari browsers.
  • Fix: The Other input for radio buttons would not get hidden after clicking the star over button.
  • Fix: Dropzone errors would get cleared immediately on load when there were file values set.
  • Fix: Stale embedded form data wouldn't update after fields in an embedded form was updated.
  • Fix: Add/remove buttons used in repeaters no longer change background color on hover when using icons only.
  • Fix: The repeater limit was not getting applied properly when switching between pages in a multiple page form.
  • Fix: Edit in-place would not work for a form with a reCAPTCHA field when submit with AJAX was disabled.
  • Fix: Some padding has been removed from radio buttons displayed as images. This fixes issues with options appearing off-centre.
  • Fix: Entry meta wasn't getting deleted when entries were deleting after clicking star over.
  • Fix: Checkbox options displayed as images would not appear selected when viewing the result when the checkbox option included an ampersand character.
  • Fix: The add row button would not appear after deleting every repeater row when using the icons only display style.
  • Fix: An undefined array key "size" warning would get logged for some file upload fields.
  • Fix: HTML fields were not properly working in conditional logic inside of repeaters.
  • Fix: When importing a form and its embedded form child, the child form will now get updated to the new child form ID in the parent form after the import is complete.
  • Fix: The other option would not appear selected in field settings after setting it as the default value.
  • Fix: A star rating field display value would appear as star_full text when using You are missing options in your shortcode. field_id is required. shortcodes without the keepjs=1 because of a filtering issue.
  • The function FrmProEntry::get_view_results has been deprecated.
  • Checkboxes have been removed as an option for Post Titles due to incompatibility issues.

Formidable Forms Pro v6.3.1 NULLED and ADDONS

  • 1 Juin 2023

Formidable Forms v6.3.1​

MAY 30, 2023 BY MIKE

  • New: Password fields now include the option to make passwords visible with the click of an icon.
  • New: Product dropdown field options now use less whitespace, reducing the amount of required HTML downloaded to load the form.
  • New: Additional missing for attributes have been added to admin pages to improve accessibility.
  • New: Support for a new remove_accents option has been added for field shortcodes.
  • Fix: A warning pop up would appear for invalid time field ranges during unexpected change events.
  • Fix: Slider fields formatted as a currency were not properly displaying labels when using a font that use a period as the thousands separator.
  • Fix: Deprecation messages were getting logged in PHP 8.2 when displaying some buttons on admin pages, when accessing the list of applications, and when retrieving data for some dynamic fields.

Formidable Forms Pro v6.3 NULLED

  • 5 Mai 2023

Formidable Forms v6.3​

MAY 3, 2023 BY MIKE

  • New: A new database index has been added to item entries to significantly improve the performance of lookup field queries that watch other fields.
  • New: Extra whitespace in address dropdowns has been removed to reduce the amount of HTML required when loading a dropdown with a lot of country options.
  • Fix: Autocomplete dropdowns would appear shorter than other fields in a form with text getting cut off.
  • Fix: The error message when uploading a file that exceeds server size limits would show the file size limit as %sMB.
  • Fix: A missing semi-colon in generated CSS was causing an issue with broken styling.
  • Fix: Deleting an entry without its associated post would trigger a permission error because of a missing nonce.
  • Fix: Starter licenses will now be properly displayed in license settings instead of appearing as Premium.
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cabanglima, cendrars-smaelmirghane, aidenlouissanchez et 4 autres

Formidable Forms Pro v6.2 NULLED

  • 12 Avr 2023

Formidable Forms v6.2​


  • New: The reports page now includes date filtering options.
  • Fix: When using some shortcode options, including sanitize_url=0 or truncate=0, the option would be treated the same as 1. 0 values will now be treated as off.
  • Fix: A form would submit with errors if it included a conditionally hidden total field, bypassing other validation include spam checks.
  • Fix: Formidable PDF icons would be used in place of PDF preview images when viewing entries. When preview images are available, the icon will no longer be used instead.
  • Fix: Date fields inside of repeaters would initialize with the incorrect settings in some cases when the Dates add on was also active.
  • Fix: Conditional confirmation actions wouldn't work as expected in forms with repeaters as the incorrect entry ID was being referenced in some cases.
  • Fix: On some servers a protected file would download as a broken 0 byte file because the file couldn't be successfully read.
  • Fix: On some servers a protected file would download as a broken corrupted file with additional data included because the output buffer wasn't clear when downloading the file.
  • Fix: The option to upload an image to a radio button would appear for radio buttons displayed as buttons when the Use images in buttons option is unchecked.
  • Fix: Field ids would not properly update to the new duplicated field id values for submit button conditional logic after duplicating a form.
  • Fix: reCAPTCHA v3 scores would not get recorded if the CAPTCHA field was validated earlier which would happen when resubmitting after failing validation or if the CAPTCHA field was not on the last page.
  • Fix: The popup would display an "undefined" error message when trying to activate the PDFs add on from an email action when it was not already installed.
  • The timeout has been extended for downloading a large protected file to avoid partial file downloads.
  • Several functions deprecated in version 2.x have been removed.
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akrugl et Pasmmarkom

Formidable Forms Pro v6.1.2 NULLED + ADDONS

  • 18 Mar 2023

Formidable Forms v6.1.2​

MARCH 15, 2023 BY MIKE

  • New: Time fields will now also include a screen reader label for Hours/Minutes dropdowns to improve accessibility.
  • New: A pop up will now appear after entering an invalid value for a time field.
  • New: Formidable files including .docx, .xlsx, and .pdf files will now use Formidable icons more consistently instead of the default WordPress document icons.
  • Fix: A .xlsx file would fail to validate on upload when downloaded from Google sheets as it had an unexpected mime type.
  • Fix: Required field validation would trigger after a file was uploaded, occasionally causing required fields to show errors at the wrong time.
  • Fix: Calculations in repeaters were not always syncing properly when switching between pages.
  • Fix: Form titles and descriptions would appear after a form is submitted in cases where they should be hidden.
  • Fix: Added additional validation for range field min, max, and step values to avoid issues with calculating non-numeric values and division by zero errors.
  • Fix: Shortcodes were appearing in the wrong position in the smart default values pop up.
  • Fix: Calculator form blocks and Formidable view blocks would break when using newer versions of the Gutenberg plugin.
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diegojahuey et justforfun

Formidable Forms Pro v6.1.1 NULLED + ADDONS

  • 27 Fev 2023

Formidable Forms v6.1.1​

FEBRUARY 25, 2023

  • Fix: Use the correct action after submit when editing when it's different from success.
  • Fix: After a draft entry was submitted, show the correct action.
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