Is It Over Now? - Chapter 22 - FireFighterBarbie (2024)

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Multiple weeks have passed. During this time Maya was able to switch her cast. She has developed more strength on her arm. She just needs to wear it for about a week longer or so. As for her leg they changed the cast and she has to use a wheelchair and continue her physical therapy. Her scars have healed on her face. She has also been back on her antidepressants. Luckily it doesn’t affect her if she mixes it with her pain medications.

“Okay so Bishop you are good to leave. We have monitored everything and your stats are good. Soon you will be out of your cast! Which is great. Okay you do have to take a few more medications to make sure everything is still going right with your organs and ribs.”

Maya nodded.

“Do you have any questions?” Link asks

“Just continue physical therapy right every few days a week?”

“Yes! And once we get out of those casts we will continue it more. Do you have someone who can help you out? I mean with the wheelchair and movement you are going to need help.”

Maya stayed silent. She didn’t have anyone to help her. Sure she could ask Carina. But she didn’t want to put that on her since she is taking care of their daughter. She hasn’t spoken to Andy since she didn’t tell her about Carina. Literally the option is Cortez or just try to do everything on her own.

“I do. I can make things work with them.” She lied.

“Great well you will get to leave soon. We will gather all your paperwork so you can get discharged.”

“Thank you again.”

Maya grabbed her phone. She scanned her contacts and she just didn’t know who to call.

“Ugh” she groaned. She just wanted to go home and rest.

Hey how are you and Liv doing? -Maya

Carina was with Olivia doing a check up appointment. She didn’t feel her phone buzz. She has been tired and distracted. She has been in contact with Maya and they both have been visiting her. Lately it has been harder on Carina because she is exhausted. She hasn’t been getting any sleep due to the baby.

Jo walked in with her clipboard.

“Alright looking at everything she is doing great for her size.”

Carina kissed Olivia's cheeks.

“Ah bambina you are healthy”

“How is everything going at home?” Jo asked as she noticed Carina’s eyes.

“Dio mio Jo I am so tired. With visiting Maya as much as we can and going home. I haven’t had a good proper sleep. And yeah it has been a lot.”

“I mean if you ever need help. Or a quick babysitter I can help too. Trust me I have been there with Luna. And it can be a lot of doing it alone.”

Carina smiled.

“Thank you. I may have to take that offer soon. I mean Amelia will try to help but she has been mostly working a lot.”

Amelia came into the room.

“Hey mammas! How is it going?” She said with a big smile.

“Good” They both said.

Amelia greeted Olivia.

“Hey pretty girl”

“Oh Carina I heard Firefighter Barbie is getting discharged today.”

Carina had a shocked look.

“W- what do you mean?”

“Like today??”

Amelia grabbed Olivia’s little fingers. Olivia grabbed onto her hand.

“Yeah? Wait, you didn’t know?” Amelia asked, confused.

Carina shook her head.

“She never mentioned anything. Can you watch her real quick? I - I am going to check real quick.”

Amelia nodded.

“Go, I can watch her with Jo real quick.”

Carina rushed to Maya’s room. She quickly looked at her phone and saw a message from Maya.

Maya decided to contact Cortez. She didn’t want to but she didn’t hear from Carina. She just wanted quick help so she could go home and sleep.

“Are you finally ready to go home Bishop?”

Maya sighed.

“Yeah, thank you for coming. I.. I didn’t want to bother anyone else.”

Cortez smiled.

“Told you I will always be here for you.”

Maya was going to say something until Carina walked in. The door was opened. Carina looked around and saw Maya in a wheelchair with bags.

“So it is true. You are getting discharged?”

“I will give you guys a few.” Cortez said and left the room.

“I..” Maya was going to continue but was cut off.

“Why didn’t you tell me? And is she really going to take you home? You asked her?” Carina scoffed with annoyance. She was upset Maya didn’t tell her. She was upset out of all the people she asked this woman. She was getting pissed.

Maya saw the disappointed look Carina had. She saw how Carina was pacing and was saying things in Italian.

“I am sorry.”

Carina looked at Maya when she heard Maya apologize.

“I should have told you. I. I knew you have been busy with Olivia and I didn’t want to add more things to your plate”

Carina sighed. She sat down on the chair.

“I was upset because I heard it from other people. But.. you really asked her to help you?”

Maya stayed silent. She wanted to say she didn't have anyone else. But if she said that Carina would flip out.

“I.. I yeah.. I didn’t really think that out. I just want to go home. And I knew if I went alone I was going to struggle.”

Carina sighed again.

“You could have called me.. But you messaged me but you didn’t say you were getting discharged.”

“I know I am sorry.”

Carina stayed silent.

“Where is Olivia?”

“She is with Jo and Amelia. We just did a check up. She is healthy.”

Maya nodded. She noticed how tired Carina seemed.


Carina interrupted her.

“Wait.. so what are you going to do Maya? Are you staying home? I mean we briefly spoke about what will happen when you are discharged.”

“I don’t want you to worry about it. I.. just focus on Olivia first.”

Carina got up and scoffed. She started to say a lot of things in Italian.

“Really Maya? I.. we have been here nearly everyday. How.. How can you say that?”

“Carina, you seem really exhausted. I.. I will be okay. You have a lot on your plate with our daughter.”

Carina gave up. She didn’t want to argue with Maya. Especially when she is really tired. They had a good thing going on with communication until today. But she needed to step aside.

“Fine. If that’s what you want Maya.” Carina said and walked out.

Maya looked at the door and groaned. She didn’t mean it that way but she wanted Carina to focus on their daughter.

Cortez walked in and looked at Maya.

“Well someone seemed upset.”

Maya gave Cortez a glare.

“Don’t. Can you please just help me get home?”

Cortez nodded and wheeled Maya to her car.

Carina went back to Jo and Amelia.

She came in hot and spoke in Italian fast.

“Come può dirlo? Uffa perché dovrebbe dirlo? Perché le donne sono sempre lì? Non posso crederci” (How can he say that? Ugh why would he say that? Why are women always there? I can not believe)

Jo and Amelia looked at Carina concerned.

“Woah take a deep breath what happened?” Amelia said.

Carina took a deep breath.

“Maya.. She basically told me to not focus on her and to focus on our daughter.” Carina said as she grabbed Olivia and started to put her in her carrier.

“Carina I can understand how you could feel upset. Get some rest and then you guys talk again.”

“Yeah I need sleep. It has been a lot. I left her room because I didn’t want to argue with her. Oh and that woman keeps showing up too. “

“Don’t worry about that woman Carina. You know she doesn’t have a chance with Maya. She is just a fly on the wall.”

Carina chuckled.

“Oh I am not threatened at all. Trust me. She is just always in the way.”

“Don’t worry. Get some rest and we are always here for you.” Jo said.

Carina arrived home. Luckily enough Olivia fell fast asleep. Carina took a quick picture of her daughter and her firefighter bear. As Carina layed on the bed she felt her whole body relaxed. She took a deep sigh.

As her eyes were slowly starting to close she heard her phone buzz.

I am sorry for today. I know you care. I don’t doubt that. I just noticed how tired you are, and I can imagine how hard it is managing Olivia alone and I am sorry about that too. And with Cortez I just needed someone to talk me home. I haven’t spoken to Vic or Andy and she was like my last option.

I rather deal with her annoyance than have you have your plates full. I am home now and I just didn’t like how I made you upset. -Maya

Carina read the message and could tell that Maya was sincere. She understood where Maya was coming from.

*Photo Attached*

I am sorry too. I am tired and I just snapped and felt useless. But I do care Maya and I am always here no matter how busy I am. Or how you said about my plates being full.

Olivia is sleeping with her teddy bear, we will talk soon. I really do need to sleep. Thank you again for apologizing. -Carina

Maya smiled. She is glad that they are both okay now.

Aww Livie looks so cute. Yes please get some sleep. I will talk to you soon. Thanks Carina. -Maya

As Carina was sleeping she got a text from Gabriella.

Hey Cari! Zo told me he was in Seattle. Have you guys caught up?? Let me know! Gabri

Is It Over Now? - Chapter 22 - FireFighterBarbie (2024)


What does Gabe mistake for a plane in Chapter 22? ›

Jonas and Gabriel see animals for the first time, and Gabriel mistakes a bird for an airplane, causing Jonas to panic and then laugh.

How do Jonas and Gabe finally get to safety? ›

How do Jonas & Gabe finally get to safety? The rode a sled from the top of the mountain toward the lights.

What is the last step in the rehabilitation process? ›

The last step in rehabilitation is recovering sport-specific function and return to play. This phase of injury rehabilitation can include restoring coordination and balance, improving speed, agility, and sport-specific skills progressing from simple to complex.

What is needed to create finished foam? ›

Finished foam consists of Foam Concentrate, Water, and Air that are subjected to mechanical agitation within the pumping system and/or by the nozzle. Class A foam is deployed by MCFRS in both CAFS and non-CAFS configurations. As of this revision, MCFRS utilizes National Foam Knockdown Class A foam.

Why might Gabriel be released? ›

Jonas learns this from a conversation he has with his father at the evening meal. His mother and father comment that they have done everything possible to help Gabriel. Jonas's father is going to release Gabriel because he will not stop crying at night.

Why were Jonas and Gabe crying in Chapter 22? ›

The cold, wet, and hunger make Gabriel cry. Jonas cries too, not because he is afraid he will die, but because if he dies he won't be able to save Gabriel. Yet he has a feeling that Elsewhere is nearby, and continues on.

Who is The Giver's daughter? ›

Rosemary Rosemary was The Giver's daughter. Selected ten years earlier to become the new Receiver of Memory, she began training with The Giver, but after only five weeks, she asked to be released from the community.

Is Gabe a baby in The Giver? ›

Even though Gabriel is just an infant, his gift is apparent. Jonas is unable to transmit memories to his sister, Lily, but when he gives memories to Gabriel, the new child sleeps soundly.

Did Gabe and Jonas survive? ›

Answer and Explanation:

However, the sequel to The Giver clarifies the previous book's ending. It is revealed in Gathering Blue that Gabriel and Jonas both survived.

What are the 3 R's of rehabilitation? ›

Both are used as a foundation for exercise choice and progression. Simple methods of structuring an exercise programme are drawn from the fitness industry and adapted for use in rehabilitation. The 3R's approach consists of 3 interrelated and overlapping phases - reactive, recovery, and resilience.

What are the 4 R's of rehabilitation? ›

To improve comprehension regarding the nutritional strategies that impact post-exercise recovery, a mnemonic entitled the 4R's (Rehydrate, Refuel, Repair, and Rest) is introduced.

What are the 5 stages of rehab? ›

Stages of Rehabilitation
  • Phase 1 - Control Pain and Swelling.
  • Phase 2 - Improve Range of Motion and/or Flexibility.
  • Phase 3 - Improve Strength & Begin Proprioception/Balance Training.
  • Phase 4 - Proprioception/Balance Training & Sport-Specific Training.
  • Phase 5 - Gradual Return to Full Activity.

What does the C stand for in the acronym slice rs? ›

Before we answer the question, a little background: SLICE-RS is an acronym that outlines the latest firefighting tactics. It stands for Size-up, Locate the fire, Isolate the flow path, Cool from a safe distance, Extinguish, Rescue and Salvage at any time in the process.

What does 6% AFFF mean? ›

Fomtec AFFF 6% is an aqueous film forming foam concentrate (AFFF) consisting of a blend of fluorocarbon-, hydrocarbon surfactants and various solvents and stabilisers. Only C6 Pure fluorosurfactants are used in Fomtec AFFF-formulations.

What is the difference between 3% and 6% AFFF? ›

AR-AFFF 3%-6% type of concentrate is designed to be used at the 3% application rate when used on a standard hydrocarbon fuel fire and 6% when used on a polar solvent/alcohol fuel.

What did Gabe mistake a plane for? ›

Final answer: Gabe mistakes a bird for a plane.

What had Gabe mistakenly called a plane? ›

What had Gabe mistakenly called a plane? A bird.

What does Gabriel begin to mistake for planes in The Giver? ›

What had Gabe mistaken in the air? He thought a bird was a plane. There was a desperate fear building in him.

What did Gabe think was a plane? ›

Final Answer: Gabe initially thought he saw a plane, but it turned out to be c) a drone. Drones can sometimes resemble aircraft, leading to such misconceptions.

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