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The Ignition Deepcrusher is a Legendary medium weapon tied to the Ironsing Attunement.

This weapon has 1 passive by default:

Ferrofluid Structure - Changing the stance of this weapon completely changes the playstyle.

  • While used with 2 hands, this weapon is a Club dealing blunt damage and applying a Metal Rod per M1. This is best suited for playstyles centered around applying and taking advantage of metal rods.
  • While used with 1 hand, this weapon is a sword, dealing slash damage. Additionally, it gains the ability to deal bleed damage, increasing its damage by 30%. This stance is meant to be used if you are looking for pure damage at the expense of utility.

At 100 MED and 100 MTL, this weapon deals 27.5 damage while in Club form, and 35.7 (27.5 + 8.2 BLEED) damage while in Sword form.

Critical Attack[]

The user stabs their weapon into the floor, causing a metal eruption of spikes to surround the player. Both the shove and the spike eruption deal stun and damage. If the shove is parried, no autoparry frames will be given for the spike eruption, and the eruption will not be cancelled. This shares similarities with the critical effects of the Hero Blade of Flame and the First Light (excluding the sword rain aspect).

Gilded Path: Scrapsinger Critical


Initial concept art

Finallized concept art


  • Turns gold if you have the Scrapsinger path, albeit very subtle.
  • The Ignition Deepcrusher is the first weapon to be part of two weapon categories as its stances are both Club and Blade, which you can switch between by pressing Y. This is similar to the unique stance effect used by the Curved Blade of Winds, however it instead changes the weapon type from Club to Sword and vice versa.
  • Currently the only legendary weapon with no description.
  • The Sword form (at 100 MED and 100 MTL) is the second-highest damage sword in the game, second to the Razor Cutlass (35.7 vs. 36.6).
  • Meanwhile, the Club form (at 100 MED and 100 MTL) is the second-highest raw damage club in the game, beaten by the Sacred Hammer (27.5 vs. 29.7).
  • The weapon is inspired by the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne.[1]
  • Based on the similar leftover weapon which required 55 HVY to wield and was in the game for a short period of time, this could have been heavy weapon at some point during development.
  • You cannot use the stance swap feature while in the Battle Royale mode unless you have the Ironsinger Talent, which can be achieved by getting an Ironsing Mantra.


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Cyan: Alloy, Green: Enemy Drop, Purple: Legendary Weapon, Orange: Event Weapon

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Ignition Deepcrusher (2024)
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