England v Netherlands latest: Who will Southgate pick on left tonight? Will we get a national holiday if England win? Join our Euro 2024 Q&A (2024)

Key points
  • England take on the Netherlands tonight in the second Euro 2024 semi-final - 8pm kick-off
  • Winner plays Spain in final on Sunday
  • Should England attack more? Will Shaw start? Will we get national holiday if they win? Watch live Q&A with Rob Harris and Jacquie Beltrao from 1pm - and submit a question above
  • Potential England team
  • Can England overcome ITV curse?

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Which Netherlands players would get into England side?

James: England have far more talent than Holland. Apart from maybe Van Dijk, would any of their players get near our team?

Harris says Virgil Van Dijk and full-back Denzel Dumfries would both be considered by Southgate if they were English.

Rawson says "fantastic" goalkeeper Ter Stegen would also be in contention.

"Even someone likeMicky van de Ven, the pace that he brings to the Tottenham team... so the defensive players that the Dutch team has may have a shout with the England team.

"But I think the England attack - we have the best players in the world."


Why have England fans behaved this time?

JT: England fans seem to have behaved themselves throughout this tournament, which hasn't always been the case. Why do you think this is?

"In part, it's because of the success of football banning orders," says sports correspondent Rob Harris.

"Fans who are found to have been unruly at matches have to hand in their passports, they can't even leave the country when it comes to these major tournaments."

"So they have passed this big test. In 2016 there were issues with Russia fans setting on England fans, so that might have helped to provide that spark for clashes, but we haven't seen that here.

"Hugely good-natured here, the England fans. Still some questions over the 10 German bomber chants that do continue, but largely very peaceful and good-natured."

Sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao says there has been "toing and froing" between Dutch and English fans, but that one had remarked that "we're just very similar, aren't we".

Harris adds that policing at previous tournaments has been quite "provocative" and "intimidatory", which has contributed to problems, but says that "hasn't been the case here".


'Bellingham will find tonight in Dortmund different'

Sky News radio's Joe Rawson says England's Jude Bellingham will find tonight different to his time at Borussia Dortmund, having left the club to join Real Madrid last year.

"That yellow wall, which he was accustomed to playing in front of, will become an orange wall tonight," he says.

"So it will be a different atmosphere inside Signal Iduna Park, but Bellingham knows the dressing room, so he'll be comfortable with that, the playing surface.

"I think he's ready to give a star performance."

Sports correspondent Rob Harris says: "He's got those special moments in him."


Welcome to our live Q&A

Should England attack more? Will Luke Shaw start? Will we get a national holiday if they win?

Watch our live Q&A with sports correspondent Rob Harris, presenter Jacquie Beltrao, Sky News radio's Joe Rawson and sports producer Tyrone Francis from 1pm - and submit a question above.


Flares and a hat made of carrots... Dutch fans turn central Dortmund orange

With just over seven hours to go until kick off, excitement was building among fans from both sides.

A few paces from the official fanzone, orange flares were burning in a city square.

A Dutch flag and orange hat was draped over a statue as Netherlands fans staked their claim.

While smaller in number, the England fans refused to be outdone, bellowing their songs of support for the national team.

The mood was competitive but cordial as they counted down to the match.

Among those present in central Dortmund is Dutch fan Bart Vrijhoef from Amsterdam, who has been very creative with his headwear.

Asked for his match prediction, he says he thinks it will go to penalties.


What Alex Ferguson would tell England team if he were manager, according to Gary Neville

Gareth Southgate's approach to international football has always tended towards the cautious, based on his belief that it is teams which favour defensive solidity over entertaining fans that normally win tournaments.

His record to date in major competitions - reaching a quarter-final, semi-final and final - has ensured he has largely escaped widespread criticism, not least due to the limited availability of world-class players in key positions.

However, few would contest the idea that he now has an abundance of extraordinary talents available, a fact borne out by England's position as favourites going into the European Championship in Germany.

Jude Bellingham was player of the year in Spain's La Liga, Phil Foden was handed the equivalent award in the Premier League, Harry Kane won the European golden shoe for most goals in the continent's top five leagues - while Kobbie Mainoo is widely believed to be one of the most outstanding teenagers in the world.

However, in light of the availability of so many stars who would arguably get into any side in the competition, Southgate has faced widespread and strong criticism over a style of football that has been rooted in such negativity - being functional at best, but utterly disjointed for large sections of England's games so far.

Well-known pundits - including many former England players - have contributed to this criticism, seemingly to the consternation of some current members of the squad.

Among those ex-internationals is Gary Neville, who acknowledged he had questioned how the Three Lions had played.

But, he said, reaching a semi-final meant that whatever the result this evening, this tournament can no longer be described as a failure for England.

"Losing in a semi-final to the Netherlands would be disappointing," he wrote.

"It would be falling short of the goal, but it isn't disgraceful.

"Nor can anyone brand Gareth Southgate a failure. Three semi-finals in four tournaments tells its own story.

"England had two semi-final appearances in 48 years before he came into the job."

"I understand why people have been upset at the style. I myself have questioned how we have played as much as anyone

"Particularly with the talent we have. But it's got to the point now where the arguments over style don't matter."

He said the national team in his era "would have loved the opportunity" to be in this position but "never even gave ourselves a chance".

The former Manchester United defender then speculated as to what the best manager in the history of the game would tell the England team now.

"I was thinking about what Sir Alex Ferguson would say," he wrote.

"To be clear, over the course of a season, he believed you needed to play with possession, tempo and rhythm, because without being better in those departments, you couldn't expect to win trophies.

"Yet if he was here, at this stage of the tournament, with two games to history, he wouldn't care how he got it done. Stay in the game, he would say. Just get over the line."


'We'll out sing them even if we're outnumbered five to one'

Europe correspondent Siobhan Robbins has been speaking to Jack, Chris and Nigel, who have come to Dortmund from Brighton.

Their prediction is 1-1 in 90 minutes, 2-1 England in extra time.

Surrounded by a sea of orange, they stood tall.

"We will still make more noise than them," said Nigel.

"We will out sing them even if we are outnumbered five to one."


PM hoping to be 'passed notes' with England score during NATO summit

Sir Keir Starmer will shortly wake up in Washington DC to begin crucial talks with NATO allies about the collective defence, and in particular, providing Ukraine with the means to defeat Russia.

But between meetings with world leaders, the PM will find a couple of hours to watch England face the Netherlands in the semi-final of the Euros, alongside his Dutch counterpart.

The game is due to start half an hour before the conclusion of a meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NATO'sprincipal decision-making body).

The PM joked on the plane last night: "I have no doubt I will be passed lots of notes with really important information about the summit.

"But one or two of those notes, hopefully, will be an update on the score, because I'm not going to be able to get it otherwise."

PM's tribute to England star

The Arsenal-supporting PM also paid tribute to Bukayo Saka, the Gunners star whose stunning equaliser against Switzerland helped England book their place in the semi-finals.

"That was classic Bukayo," he said of the goal. "Cuts in from the right, and that shot is absolutely classic – inside the post. I've seen it so many times."

And he joked: "I’d remind you, England have not missed a penalty under a Labour government in 2024."


In pictures: English and Dutch fans mingle en route to stadium

Both sets of fans seem to be in good spirits, mixing together and posing for photos with their respective flags as they head toSignal Iduna Park, home of Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund...


Can England overcome ITV curse?

England will hope to overcome their ITV curse when they take on the Netherlands this evening in Dortmund.

Gareth Southgate's men face a tough task against the Dutch in tonight's semi-final, though they come in as favourites with the bookies.

Ronald Koeman's Netherlands will take some solace in the fact that, in the UK, the match will be shown on ITV, where England's record is grim.

Since 1996, there have been 31 matches broadcast solely on ITV, with England winning only nine of them. There have been 10 defeats in that time, with 12 draws.

That's in stark contrast to when England matches have been shown exclusively on the BBC.

The UK's state broadcaster has shown 29 England matches in the same period, with 21 of those games ending in victory for the Three Lions.

So, can Southgate and co can buck the trend of recent history and improve their win percentage in front of the ITV cameras?

It's now or Nether...

England v Netherlands latest: Who will Southgate pick on left tonight? Will we get a national holiday if England win? Join our Euro 2024 Q&A (2024)
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