Caspar Witnesses his Majesty: The Ascension of Specro - fanfic (2024)

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Fanfic Genres: Self-Insert | Rebuild fiction | Fix-fic | Fusion | Crossover | Rationalist rewrite | Multicross self-insert | Friend-shipping❤️FANFICTION CREDITS: • Behind Closed Doors' •

• Caspian Diament (Lead) @caspian_diament_official • Director, Christine Ho • Los Angeles, CA • October 2019❤️The Ascension of Specro: Caspar Witnesses his Majesty and gets his Calling & Mission❤️During the year 3016, after a handful string of Martian invasions brought on by the apocalypse that preceded a zombie outbreak called 'The Brute Devil's Hand (Virus anˌtī-zīəˌnizəm)' that dwindled the population into a remnant community in post-apocalyptic times. A super-genius preteen boy, Caspian Diamond shares his pre-recorded research on top-secret extraterrestrial third-arm weaponry from a CIA internship take-home study under the code name Casper in his undercover bizarre and automotive sounding voice that's somewhere between a normal human sound and a Zapp-esque talk box style recordings. Without any survivors to put their faith in him, Caspar targets the zombies by broadcasting his podcasts entitled "Caspar's Declassified: Ethereality Product Reviews" over a Giant Voice HSS Engineering siren electronic civil defense siren system that he hacked into and rewired for the purpose that his voice will set them free that is it carries the only cure that will cure the infected that he as been immured from. However, the virus causes the zombies to Jews and Caspian is one of the last remnants left but instead of revenge he chose to stay behind and be an incredible example of not repaying evil with evil but with good to show forgiveness and kindness in his plan to disperse the cure over radio waves into the atmosphere. But will this sacrificial act of love and kindness shown by the last believer standing to his enemies win them over from darkness to light and be enough to make the undead conjoined with the Evil One third-arm live again?❤️The Moral of the story is…A relationship with God is like a third-arm for He never leaves you, even when you wish He wasn't their during vulnerable times. There's something good about listening to somebody explain complicated ideas, especially when they have to do with ancient themes - meaning-of-life themes - because listening to that stuff gives you the feeling life is a grand deal more intricate, and perhaps more beautiful, than you thought. Studying an ancient text makes a person feel as though they are living in a complicated but wondrous reality that is grander than they are.❤️'Live Wire' by Tim Gustafson [Our Daily Bread]"We were eyewitnesses of his majesty." [2 Peter 1:16]"'I felt like I had touched a live wire,' said Professor Holly Ordway, describing her reaction to John Donne's majestic poem 'Holy Sonnet 14.' There's something happening in this poetry, she thought. I wondered what it is.' Orway recalls it as the moment her previously atheistic worldview allowed for the possibility of the supernatural. Eventually, she would believe in the transfiguring reality of the resurrected Christ. Touching a live wire - that must have been how Peter, James, and John felt on the day Jesus took them to the mountaintop, where they witnessed a dramatic transfiguration. Christ's 'clothes became dazzling white' (Mark 9:3) and Elijah and Mose appeared - an event we know today as the transfiguration. Describing from the mountain, Jesus told the disciples not to tell anyone what they'd seen until He'd risen (V.9). But they didn't even know what He meant by 'rising the dead' (V.10). The disciples' understanding of Jesus was woefully incomplete, because they couldn't conceive of a destiny that included His death and resurrection. But eventually their experiences with their resurrected Lord would utterly transfigure their lives. Late in his life, Peter described his encounter with Christ's transfiguration as the time when the disciples were first 'eyewitnesses of his majesty.' (2 Peter 1:16). As Professor Ordway and the disciples learned, when we encounter the power of Jesus we touch a 'live wire.' There's something happening here. The living Christ beckons us."What are some of your "live wire" experiences: moment when you encountered God in a radically new way?How has you knowledge of Him changed over time?Father, when we approach You in prayer, we come to what we don't comprehend. Forgive us for taking for granted the majesty of Your presence.Mark 9:2-10❤️Biblical Ascension: Mark 16:14-20Matthew 28:16-20Acts 1:7-10 (The Ascension) ❤️

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Caspar Witnesses his Majesty: The Ascension of Specro - fanfic (2024)
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