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Echoes are a fundamental part of Wuthering Waves, allowing players to capture enemies and use their powers for your own. Each Echo comes with their own stats to additionally strengthen the Resonators they are equipped on, as well as an Echo Skill, which can provide a variety of different effects, such as strong attacks, buffs, healing, transportation and more to enhance different aspects of gameplay.

However, only one Echo can be selected as an Active Echo per character, granting use of its respective Echo Skill. As a result of this, some players may be confused on the best Echoes to use in Wuthering Waves, alongside which Sonata Effects are to be prioritised on their Resonators. Thankfully, Sonata Effects end up being relatively straightforward, easing players into strengthening their Resonators with powerful Echoes.

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  • What are Sonata Effects?
  • Best Echoes
  • Freezing Frost
    • Lampylumen Myriad
    • Summoned Echoes
  • Molten Rift
    • Inferno Rider
  • Void Thunder
    • Flautist
    • Tempest Mephis
  • Sierra Gale
    • Feilian Beringal
  • Celestial light
    • Mourning Aix
  • Sun-sinking Eclipse
    • Dreamless
  • Rejuvenating Glow
    • Bell-Borne Geochelone
  • Moonlit Clouds
    • Impermanence Heron
  • Lingering Tunes
    • Mech Abomination

What are Sonata Effects?

When capturing an Echo, it will come equipped with a Sonata Effect, indicated by the coloured icon in the bottom left of an Echo’s icon upon opening the backpack.

Additional effects can also be unlocked when equipping two or five Echoes with the same Sonata Effect on a Resonator, incentivising players to acquire many Echoes in the same Sonata group.

For example, the Lingering Tunes Sonata Effect grants ATK once equipped with two Lingering Tunes Echoes, and both a stacking ATK buff and a large Outro Skill DMG increase once equipped with five Lingering Tunes Echoes.

Keep in mind, Sonata Effects require different Echoes to activate, meaning duplicate Echoes will not count towards these Set Bonuses. As a result, players will have to farm for five different Echoes when trying for a 5pc Set Bonus.

The effects granted by different Sonata Effects, as well as which Echoes are a part of that Sonata group can be found in the Data Bank, under the Sonata Gallery tab. Due to the potency of effects granted from Sonata Effects, they are highly desirable when gearing Resonators.

Best Echoes

As of Version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves, there are currently 9 different Sonata Effects players can choose from, with most damage dealers preferring to use their respective Element’s Sonata Effect. However, this may not always be the case, as Sonata Effects such as Rejuvenating Glow and Moonlit Clouds provide additional buffs to the team upon triggering certain effects. Lastly, Lingering Tunes has a more general Sonata Effect, allowing players to farm Echoes for multiple Resonators at once at the cost of slightly lower damage due to the increased efficiency.

Currently, a majority of the best Echoes are 4-cost Echoes, acquired from defeating Overlord or Calamity Class bosses marked on the map. Due to their long animations, a lot of Echo Skills end up being good due to the ability to swap cancel them, allowing them to deal damage off-field, whilst attacking on another character.

For an explanation on swap cancelling, please see our Wuthering Waves Beginners Combat Guide.


Freezing Frost Best Echoes

Freezing Frost
2pcs Set:Glacio DMG + 10%.
5pcs Set:Glacio DMG + 10% after releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack. This effect stacks up to 3 times, each stack lasts 15s.
Recommended Users:None.

Unfortunately, Glacio Resonators get the short end of the stick, as their current Active Echo options are quite underwhelming compared to other Active Echoes from other Sonata groups. Due to the strengths of other Echoes and Sonata Effects, our current Glacio characters prefer to use other Sonata Effects, however, it may not be a bad idea to farm some Freezing Frost Echoes for when a good Active Echo releases in the future. If you are someone with that mindset, the current Active Echoes to use are:

Lampylumen Myriad

Lampylumen Myriad
Transform into Lampylumen Myriad. Perform up to 3 consecutive attacks. Unleash a freezing shock by performing consecutive forward strikes, with the initial two strikes inflicting200.16%and200.16%Glacio DMG respectively, and the final strike dealing266.88%Glacio DMG. Enemies will be frozen on hit. Each shock increases the current character’s Glacio DMG by4.00%and Resonance Skill DMG dealt by4.00%for15s, stacking up to 3 times CD:20s

Lampylumen Myriad is Glacio’s current 4-cost Echo, performing up to three AoE Glacio attacks which additionally increase the user’s Glacio and Skill DMG with each consecutive attack.

What sadly puts this Echo behind other recommended 4-cost Echoes is its long animation time for a Transformation Echo, meaning your Resonator needs to stop attacking to use this Echo Skill.

Lampylumen also can't be swap cancelled, meaning the current Resonator is stuck using the Echo until they choose to cancel it.

Finally, compared to other 4-cost Echoes, the buff it grants stacks up per hit, rather than being instantly obtained, further pushing players to use its long attack.

Despite currently being the best option for the Freezing Frost Sonata Set, its major downsides result in it not being recommended for any current Resonators to use.

Summoned Echoes

To get around the long animations of Lampylumen Myriad, Echoes that are instead summoned to the field to attack can be more desirable, allowing the active character to continue attacking at the same time.

The current list of Summon Echoes in this Sonata Set are:
Glacio Prism, Fusion Prism, Gulpuff, Sabyr Boar, Glacio Predator, Roseshroom and Tambourinist.


Unfortunately, our current 5-star Glacio Resonator Lingyang is unable to make use of the 1 and 3-cost Summon Echoes effectively. Because of their lower damage output, 1 and 3-cost Echoes have a shorter Cooldown to compensate, allowing them to be used frequently. However, Summon Echoes cannot be summoned in midair, resulting in Lingyang making no effective use of their shorter Cooldowns.

Molten Rift Best Echoes

Molten Rift
2pcs Set:Fusion DMG + 10%.
5pcs Set:Fusion DMG + 30% for 15s after releasing Resonance Skill.
Recommended Users:Encore, Chixia.

Fusion Resonators thankfully have access to a great 4-cost Echo with Inferno Rider, combining both high damage and overworld utility into one. Even with the release of future Molten Rift Echoes, it will be tough to replace the current Active Echo on Fusion characters, unless a Summon-type 4-cost is released, or one that can be swap cancelled quickly. Having said that, the current recommended Active Echo is:

Inferno Rider

Inferno Rider
Transform into Inferno Rider to launch up to 3 consecutive slashes in a row, each slash dealing242.40%,282.80%, and282.80%Fusion DMG respectively. After the final hit, increase the current character’s Fusion DMG by12.00%and Basic Attack DMG by12.00%for15s. Long press the Echo Skill to transform into Inferno Rider and enter the Riding Mode. When exiting the Riding Mode, deal282.80%Fusion DMG to enemies in front. CD:20s

As mentioned previously, Inferno Rider comes with high damage, buffing and overworld utility all in one package, making it perfect for our current Fusion damage dealers. Similarly to Lampylumen Myriad, it deals three consecutive attacks, with a Fusion and Basic Attack DMG increase after the final hit.

Although the final hit comes out slower compared to the first two, it can thankfully be swap cancelled just after pressing the Basic Attack button for the final hit, allowing Fusion Resonators to get large amounts of damage off in a short period of time.

Additionally, if the Echo Skill button is held, Inferno Rider will enter Riding Mode, utilising its motorcycle to traverse the overworld for a period of time.

Due to the lack of movement-based Echo Skills, having one tied to a strong combat ability is increasingly desirable for players that don’t want to change their Active Echo constantly depending on the scenario.

Void Thunder Best Echoes

Void Thunder
2pcs Set:Electro DMG + 10%.
5pcs Set:Electro DMG + 15% after releasing Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill. This effect stacks up to 2 times, each stack lasts 15s.
Recommended Users:Calcharo, Yinlin, Yuanwu.


Void Thunder is the first Sonata Set on this list that has two 4-cost Echoes to choose from, being Thundering Mephis and Tempest Mephis. However, one of them tends to outshine the other despite the additional buffs granted, thanks to its noticeably shorter animations. Despite this, Void Thunder has an additional 3-cost Echo with large benefits, enough to recommend over either Mephis boss in some scenarios.


Transform into Flautist, continuously emitting Electro lasers, dealing53.28%Electro DMG for a total of 10 times. Gain1Concerto Energy every time a hit lands. CD:15s

Flautist is a 3-cost Echo that fires a large laser, dealing Electro DMG and generating Concerto Energy per hit. If tapped, Flautist only hits three times, however, holding the Echo Skill button allows it to hit up to 10 times, dealing almost double the damage of Tempest Mephis whilst generating 10 Concerto Energy to further assist with charging up Outro Skills.

On top of this, Flautist can be swap cancelled immediately as long as the Echo Skill button is held down whilst switching. This allows Flautist to deal the majority of its damage off-field, whilst perfectly locking onto an enemy no matter how much it moves.

It may be annoying to to swap cancel Flautist at first depending on your keybinds, but with a little practice, it is a strong option worthy of farming for.

Tempest Mephis

Tempest Mephis
Transform into Tempest Mephis to perform tail swing attacks followed by a claw attack. The lightning strike summoned by the tail swing deals102.48%Electro DMG each time, while the claw attack deals175.68%Electro DMG. After the claw hit, increase the current character’s Electro DMG by12.00%and Heavy Attack DMG by12.00%for15s. CD:20s

If players are struggling to obtain a Flautist with good stats or are unable to swap cancel it consistently, Tempest Mephis is also a viable option, hitting twice and granting an Electro and Heavy Attack DMG buff on the final hit.

Compared to Thundering Mephis, it takes almost half the time to cast, whilst the final hit is swap cancellable for players trying to squeeze in some extra attacks.

Unfortunately for Thundering Mephis, the increased animation time takes away from your active Resonator attacking at the same time, resulting in Tempest Mephis pulling ahead, despite Thundering providing a more desirable Resonance Liberation DMG buff for our current Electro Resonators.


Sierra Gale Best Echoes

Sierra Gale
2pcs Set:Aero DMG + 10%.
5pcs Set:Aero DMG + 30% for 15s after releasing Intro Skill.
Recommended Users:Jiyan.

Aero Resonators also got off to a lucky start, having access to a great 4-cost Echo with Feilian Beringal. Although it doesn’t have any use for overworld mobility, its damage is not to be underestimated.

Unfortunately, the majority of Aero Resonators currently released tend to prefer other Sonata Sets, such as Moonlit Clouds or Rejuvenating Glow for buffing the team, rather than their own personal damage. However, Wuthering Waves’ first limited 5-star Jiyan makes perfect use of Sierra Gale as his best Sonata Effect.

Feilian Beringal

Feilian Beringal
Transform into Feilian Beringal to perform a powerful kick. If the kick lands on an enemy, immediately perform a follow-up strike. The kick deals231.84%Aero DMG, and the follow-up strike deals283.36%Aero DMG. After the follow-up strike hits, the current character's Aero DMG increases by12.00%, and the Heavy Attack DMG increases by12.00%for15s CD:20s

Similarly to Tempest Mephis, Feilian Beringal hits twice, with the second hit being swap cancellable after rising into the air to land with a follow-up attack. Alongside its high damage, it provides an Aero and Heavy Attack DMG buff to the user after the second attack hits.

Both of these stats are perfect for Jiyan, thanks to his attacks during his Resonance Liberation being considered Heavy Attack DMG. Leaping into the air from Feilian Beringal's follow-up attack can also be useful for dodging enemy attacks, granting it extra safety compared to other Echo Skills.

Celestial Light Best Echoes

Celestial Light
2pcs Set:Spectro DMG + 10%.
5pcs Set:Spectro DMG + 30% for 15s after releasing Intro Skill.
Recommended Users:None.

As of Version 1.0, there are currently no strong Spectro damage dealers who would like to make use of the Celestial Light Sonata Set, instead preferring more supportive sets in teams, such as Moonlit Clouds or Rejuvenating Glow to provide significant ATK buffs to the team.

Nonetheless, Celestial Light still has a 4-cost Echo with an amazing Echo Skill for players currently looking to run a more offensive build for their Spectro Rover.

Mourning Aix

Mourning Aix
Transform into Mourning Aix and perform 2 consecutive claw attacks, each attack dealing 157.44%and236.16%Spectro DMG respectively. After the transformation, increase current character's Spectro DMG by12.00%and Resonance Liberation DMG by12.00%for15s CD:20s

Mourning Aix performs a quick, two-hit spinning attack, whilst buffing both Spectro and Resonance Liberation DMG immediately upon transforming. Despite already being a fast Skill to perform, it's also immediately swap cancellable, granting it full immunity to damage. It is unfortunate that such a simple but effective Echo currently isn't used by anyone, but once more offensive Spectro characters are released it will be a potent option for players to make use of.


Sun-sinking Eclipse Best Echoes

Sun-sinking Eclipse
2pcs Set:Havoc DMG + 10%.
5pcs Set:Havoc DMG + 7.5% after releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack. This effect stacks up to 4 times, each stack lasts 15s.
Recommended Users:Havoc Rover, Danjin.

Havoc Resonators were blessed with the release of a Calamity Class Echo in Version 1.0 in the form of Dreamless, dealing large amounts of damage in a short period of time. Not only is it easy to farm, thanks to having no respawn timer, it can also be fought on any difficulty with the same drop rates, allowing players to obtain large amounts of Dreamless compared to other bosses, which helps when hunting for the perfect substats.

Although Crownless also exists, it falls into a similar situation as Thundering Mephis, taking large amounts of field time away from your active Resonator compared to its competition, resulting in it not being recommended for our current Havoc Resonators.


Transform into Dreamless and perform 6 consecutive attacks. The first 5 attacks deal54.08%Havoc DMG each, and the last attack deal270.40%Havoc DMG. The DMG of this Echo Skill is increased by50.00%during the first5s after Rover-Havoc casts Resonance Liberation. CD:20s

Currently, Dreamless has one of the strongest Echo Skills in the game, dashing forward to deal six quick strikes ahead. Similarly to Mourning Aix, this attack can immediately be swap cancelled. To top it off, if Dreamless is equipped on Havoc Rover, it gains a 50% DMG Bonus buff after Rover casts their Resonance Liberation, further increasing its offensive power.

As a result of this, a strong tactic involving Dreamless comes from a team pairing both Havoc Rover and Danjin together. After charging up Danjin’s Concerto, she can Outro into Havoc Rover, granting a large Havoc Amplify buff for all of their attacks. Havoc Rover can then immediately use their Resonance Liberation into Dreamless, whilst quickly swapping back to Danjin to use her Dreamless.

This combo dishes out a large amount of damage in a short period of time, perfect for nuking down bosses or waves of enemies.

Thanks to its quick cast time, ability to be swap cancelled and high damage, it is unlikely Dreamless will be replaced any time soon, especially so considering its additional effects for Havoc Rover, a current top Havoc damage dealer.

Rejuvenating Glow Best Echoes

Rejuvenating Glow
2pcs Set:Healing Bonus + 10%.
5pcs Set:Increases the ATK of all party members by 15% for 30s upon healing allies.
Recommended Users:Baizhi, Jianxin, Verina, Taoqi.


Due to the current lack of dedicated buffers in Wuthering Waves, supportive Sonata Effects such as Rejuvenating Glow have a large amount of value, buffing the ATK of all teammates for a long period of time.

Although the 5pc Sonata Effect requires healing to trigger, any character can trigger this through the use of the 3-star Originite weapon series, healing the user after meeting certain conditions, allowing all teams to utilise the 5pc Sonata Effect. Rejuvenating Glow also comes with a top-tier 4-cost Echo in the form of the Bell-Borne Geochelone.

Bell-Borne Geochelone

Bell-Borne Geochelone
Activate the protection of Bell-Borne Geochelone. Deal Glacio DMG based on145.92%of the current character's DEF to nearby enemies, and obtain a Bell-Borne Shield that lasts for15s.
The Bell-Borne Shield provides50.00%DMG Reduction and10.00%DMG Boost for the current team members, and disappears after the current character is hit for3times. CD:20s

Bell-Borne Geochelone is an Echo with not only a very short cast time but also great supportive capabilities. Its Echo Skill creates a shield for all teammates, reducing their damage taken by 50% and granting a 10% DMG buff. This effect will be removed either after 15 seconds or after getting hit three times, but its offensive and defensive buffs are not to be underestimated. Because of the strength of Rejuvenating Glow and Bell-Borne Geochelone, every team should aim to have it on one of their characters.

Moonlit Clouds Best Echoes

Moonlit Clouds
2pcs Set:Energy Regen + 10%.
5pcs Set:After using Outro Skill, increases the ATK of the next Resonator by 22.5% for 15s.
Recommended Users:Sanhua, Mortefi, Yuanwu, Yangyang, Aalto, Jianxin, Spectro Rover.

Moonlit Clouds is the perfect Sonata Set to give to secondary damage dealers in a team, allowing them to provide a large ATK buff to the main carry upon triggering their Outro Skill. Thankfully, this condition is a nonissue, as most characters utilising this Sonata Set want to grant their Outro Skill buff to the main carry, typically providing an effective DMG Amplify buff.

The 2pc effect also grants extra Energy Regen, helping for Moonlit Cloud users to generate Resonance Energy for their Resonance Liberation quicker.

If your team makes use of frequent swaps between two damage dealers, such as a team with Calcharo and Yinlin, they may prefer to instead use their respective Elemental Sonata Effect, due to both characters dealing significant amounts of damage. Although the Bell-Borne Geochelone can also be obtained with this Sonata Effect, it is unable to stack, making another 4-cost Echo preferred for this Set.

Impermanence Heron

Impermanence Heron
Transform into Impermanence Heron to fly up and smack down, dealing310.56%Havoc DMG. Long press to stay as Impermanence Heron and continuously spit flames, each attack dealing55.73%Havoc DMG. Once the initial attack lands on any enemy, the current character regains 10 Resonance Energy. If the current character uses their Outro Skill within the next 15s, the next character’s damage dealt will be boosted by 12% for 15s. CD:20s


Impermanence Heron synergises perfectly with the Moonlit Clouds Sonata Effect, dealing damage and granting a 12% DMG buff to the next Resonator upon using an Outro Skill. Once Impermanence Heron first hits an enemy, it additionally regenerates 10 Resonance Energy for the user, further helping to generate their Resonance Liberation.

Thankfully, Impermanence Heron can be immediately swap cancelled, allowing Moonlit Clouds users to use their Outro Skill as soon as possible.

Characters like Sanhua utilise Impermanence Heron to great effect, due to her ability to gain large amounts of Concerto Energy in a short period of time, letting her immediately Outro to a character like Encore, providing both her Basic Attack Amplify buff, as well as the ATK and DMG Bonus from using Moonlit Clouds.

Holding the Echo Skill button also allows Resonators to fly for a short period with Impermanence Heron, which can be helpful in gaining height in the overworld.

Lingering Tunes Best Echoes

Lingering Tunes
2pcs Set:ATK + 10%.
5pcs Set:While on the field, ATK increases by 5% every 1.5s. This effect stacks up to 4 stacks. Outro Skill DMG + 60%.
Recommended Users:Lingyang

Because Lingering Tunes provides ATK rather than any specific Elemental DMG, it can be used on a wide range of Resonators. Although it will generally be worse than equipping them with their respective Elemental Sonata Set, Resonators without a strong Active Echo Skill, such as Lingyang, appreciate Lingering Tunes for granting them an Echo Skill they can use without sacrificing their own damage.

Lingering Tunes also has an extremely powerful 4-cost Echo, further solidifying its uses as a generalist set to farm that can be used across a variety of characters.

Mech Abomination

Mech Abomination
Strike the enemies in front, dealing48.64%Electro DMG. Summon Mech Waste to attack enemies. Mech Waste deals320.00%Electro DMG on-hit and explode after a while to deal160.00%Electro DMG. After casting this Echo Skill, increase current character's ATK by12.00%for15s. Damage dealt by Mech Waste is considered Outro Skill DMG. CD:20s

Despite dealing Electro DMG, Mech Abomination’s damage output can increase greatly in scenarios with multiple enemies. Its Echo Skill immediately grants an ATK buff and summons Mech Waste on nearby enemies, which explodes after a shortly after. These explosions can hit multiple enemies at once, allowing for the damage provided to increase with the amount of enemies nearby. It also doesn’t need any swap cancelling to make use of it effectively, instead casting its ability instantly without taking away from the active Resonator’s field time.

Additionally, the damage dealt by Mech Abomination is considered Outro Skill DMG, allowing it to make use of the large Outro Skill DMG buff from the 5pc Sonata Effect. It’s quick, it’s strong and it’s effective, granting Lingering Tunes a solid place amongst the other offensive Sonata Effects.

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