248-898-5000 (2024)

1. Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital

  • Department Phone Numbers · Heart & Vascular Center · Birth Center

  • Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak opened on Jan. 24, 1955. Today it is a major academic and referral center with Level I adult trauma and Level II pediatric trauma status.

2. Department Phone Numbers, Royal Oak | Corewell Health

  • Main Hospital: 248-898-5000 · Care Management: 248-898-7590 · Patient and Family Experience: 248-551-0500 · Nutrition Services: 248-898-3463 · Lost and Found: 248- ...

  • Find department phone numbers for Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, including main information, after hours adult clinic, after hours pediatric clinic, and more.

3. Hospital Emergencies - City of Pontiac

248-898-5000 (2024)
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